Against the Dark — Poems of Resistance, Reconciliation and Hope– guest post

I was so honored to be at Vaughan Park Conference Center for the launch of:

AGAINST THE DARK    poems of resistance, reconciliation and hope
by Joy MacCormick and Hayley MacCormick

Other people have said these things:

Reading poems from Against the Dark is like being taken on a journey through life with an expert guide, who knows the area well and is able to point out the unseen and unexpected along the way. Together with granddaughter Hayley, Joy takes you through some of the hardest terrain while keeping you safe and focused on the God who is already there. Sally Smith (Editor – Quiet Spaces UK)

In ways that touch the deepest recesses of the human spirit, Against the Dark opens the heart to identify the truths that we face, the tragedies that we are well aware of and the delights for which we long. This is a beautiful book, profound and simple. Don’t just read it. Linger with it. The Rev. Dr. Michael Trainor (Australian Catholic University)

But I would rather share a few of these. On the facing page to each poem is a scripture text, a question, and the remainder of the page blank to share your reflections.

Walking the Edge (Joy)

The ocean calls to me
and I cannot resist.
Tiptoeing across the wide expanse of sand
right to the water’s edge,
I come once more.

Tangaroa, Ocean Guardian,
image of mystery and power
beyond humanity’s control,
source of life, receiver of the dead,
you call to me.

That gentle yet insistent call
is invitation to a life fuller
than I have ever known –
and willingly, my God
I come.

Today     (Joy)

this present moment,
is all I need to live.

The trouble starts
when I try living in the future;
focusing on possible outcomes
of action or inaction,
decisions made or not made.

this present moment,
is all I need –
to live.

Cycle of Memory introduction (Hayley)

Collide with me
in a cycle sustained by memories
which fade like the coffee stains
on the kitchen table,
but are engraved so deeply in our minds
that we can’t forget.

Collide with me
in a breeze carrying us along
until it becomes a hurricane,
and the stones and darkness
hurled at us
force us to leave.

Collide with me
until we are set free.

Bartimaeus (Joy)

I’ve heard about this Jesus.
I’d really like to meet him.
But those who claim
they’re with him
keep getting in the road.

When I ask questions,
they never seem to hear me
but tell me I must listen
to what they have to say.

They’re so secure, so certain
they know all there is to know;
they seem to think that
just to be with them
should be enough.

But it is not.

OK – I can’t resist giving you the questions for this:

When have you known those who claim to be on the road with Jesus to actually get in the road of those who want to meet him?

Could this be said of some parts of the church? When could it be said of you?

Interested in Against the Dark – poems of resistance, reconciliation and hope? contact Joy: here 

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