Prayer for the aftermath of Hurricane Michael

God, wherever two or three
are gathered together
waiting in a line at a grocery store –
ten allowed in at a time — nothing fresh,
or hoping for gasoline,
wondering when the roof, the walls,
the torn up floor can be repaired,
worrying about grandparents’ meds —
there you are present
in the midst of them.

Wherever Red Cross and church folks,
National Guard with supplies,
a barbecue restaurant
cooking in the parking lot
to give folks a hot meal,
are breaking bread –
it is your Body given for all.

In the wherever of Mexico Beach,
Port St. Joe, Panama City,
in the terrible grief
from every storm death,
in the toll on the old and the young,
in the fear of looting,
in the damaged hospitals —
your Cup is poured out.

Please send your generosity and caring
into those gathered in your name
far away from the trauma,
and your courage, compassion,
strength, neighborliness, hope,
desperate patience
and adrenaline for exhaustion
into all who are in the midst of trouble,

that we may all know
that you are not the eye of the storm,
but the helping hand
repairing every broken home,
holding every weeping child.

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