Transgender Remembrance Comes Early

The annual deep mourning that is Transgender Day of Remembrance is still a month away on November 20. Each year we mourn those who have been killed and wish that there were a year when there would be no names on the list. That is not 2018.

But I was sent on to Aotearoa New Zealand where I am visiting for still two more weeks an article that informs me that the current US administration is trying to kill trans people as a group, seeking to roll back rights gained in the last administration and un-define transgender as a human possibility.

God, we acknowledge
that all of these are your children —
your beloved, blessed,
beautiful transgender children,
who experience in their lives
the common joys and sorrows of life,

and who are called forth like Lazarus,
born again like Nicodemus,
who are your new creation,
and whose true being cannot be taken away.

We weep at the threat to their safety
and their well-being
by the Department of Health
and Human Services,
at the desire to kill who they are
and take from them rights and hopes
for simply being faithful
to the life you gave them,

and ask for your strength
to speak out, reach out, pray out,
march out, live out — your love
in the face of the violence
of words 
and definitions,
and the hatred that would follow.

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