Guest Post — Storm in the Garden, Poems and Reflections

I was given a present last week!

Two writers included in A Child Laughs – Prayers of Justice and Hope, Erice Fairbrother and Lynne Frith, and a third friend of theirs, Janet Crawford, gave me a copy of a small book of poetry that they published in 1978. It is its 40th anniversary and they are planning to do an anniversary re-issue, but I have a copy of the original Storm in the Garden—Poems and Reflections.

These pieces of Christian feminist theology remember that time in their lives when they were at St. John’s Seminary in Auckland, Aotearoa / New Zealand and an era in theological discourse. Are the questions still being asked?

I publish here one from each of the writers.

from Janet Crawford:


We are three sisters
Owning the same ancient mother
who first dared to eat the proffered apple
so becoming fully woman.
Now we her daughters
Taste the bitter knowledge
Of our lost identity
And struggle to regain the stolen power
to name ourselves.
Born of Eve’s curse or blessing
Against original forbidding,
Sisters I affirm in you
Becoming authentic being.

from Lynn Frith:

reflections on hymn 108

When I survey the wondrous cross
I see a broken tree,
the sap draining out.
Where is the glory in a life cut short?
Head drooping,
limbs twisted and broken,
a life of hope and promise
left to rot and die.
The salvation of the human race
hinged on a battered corpse
and a phantom
seen on a misty morning?

from Erice Webb (Fairbrother)

I Am

I am
feather on a wing
vulnerable tracings on sand
standing yet fleeting
a glimpse
of eclipsed womankind

I am
undone by
(whipped cream in sentences)
fashionable pretences
and love tied and labeled
‘some strings attached’

I am
other side up
not always making it
I am painted in white
green, black –
on my back are the mountains
on my head is the sea

I am
who I am
this woman
this me

Have we

you and I
eyes together pressed against
breathing synchronized
in and out words

shaping absurdity
with our brains
coming to no
conclusion –

discussion halted at a call
like a yawn
and I ask
not just in passing

have we?
and I?

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3 Responses to Guest Post — Storm in the Garden, Poems and Reflections

  1. I’m missing you, my friend, Maren. I’m reaching out. To check your on travels, stay blessed you are in prayers dear, Maren 😊

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