Guest Post — Heather Kelly

Three poems by Heather Kelly, who lives in Peacehaven Village in Invercargill, New Zealand, touch me profoundly.

Neighborhood Gardens

I visit with God in the streets as I walk:

The God whose glory is reflected in roses in rain
whose majesty is real in the vibrant gladioli
whose purity is witnessed in the white daisy
whose honour is true in the tall conifer
whose grace is glimpsed in the sacred lily.

Good Grief

It was a painful path, that crucifixion journey –
A time of loneliness, of tears, of grieving;
A time when depression
and an overwhelming sadness were mostly what I felt.

I trembled, stumbled and fell on that journey,
fearful of the pain, longing to be in control.

But you, God, were in control.
You knew the darkness would feed the life in me;
You knew the pain was pain of growth.

There were times on the journey
when I felt the gentle, loving touch of Christ:
The touch brought nurture and tears.
Brought the beginning of healing;
Brought the gifts of Christ to me

Psalm from the South

Holy God,
I seek your blessing as I walk by the ocean:

The great southern prospect moves me to praise;
the roar of the breakers speaks of your power
and there is wonder as I touch the ice in the wind.

The tang of the sea scent fills me
and draws me into your presence;

for I find the salt spray is Christ’s commission
as I walk again with Jesus
at the edge of the sea.

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