Guest Post — Carol Hallman, a light-hearted Thanksgiving Eve

Carol Hallman sends a light-heart look at Thanksgiving Eve!

On the night before
The mad dash begins
To find the rare roast beast
The last-minute relish tray
A sparkling rose

Then home to begin
The roasting and baking
The smells intermingling
Of cinnamon and sage

A mad dash to clean
Bathrooms and mirrors
Hallways and floors
Clothes tossed in closets
Behind closed doors

As the guests
Start to arrive
Racking the brain
Wondering if
Anything has been forgotten

There’s turkey and stuffing
Mashed ‘taters and gravy
Green beans and carrots
Corn and succotash
Sweet ‘taters and
Oh…wait where’s that
Dish for the vegetarian date

Pies cover the counter
Pumpkin, apple, cherry
Whipped topping
It’s all ready for this very
Important meal

Oh, but there’s one more
The most important of all
Let’s give thanks today
For the one who gave us

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