Echocardiogram Thanksgiving

I am watching my heart,
as the nurse practitioner moves
her wand with its warm oil
in tiny increments across sternum, ribs,
for small shifts in perspective.

The ultrasound shows beating and flow
of the chambers and the valves,
in blacks, grays and silvers,
and it is beautiful,
and an echo is in my life,
as I consider how small shifts
help me watch
the flow of my heart.

Today there were angry people —
a stranger yelling at a store clerk,
and an old friend
in delicious critique of anyone successful.

Before I speak I move the wand
and realize my life
is so much happier, so rich,
all the disappointments and sorrows
as open as winter blooms,
and my matching anger for anger
seems so unnecessary
washed in my gratefulness.

The deep arrhythmia of loss
through the holiday this year,
I see for the beating of heart it is —
a valve opening for the flow
of memory of wonderful years shared.

Edie (says her nametag) cleans me up
and tells me the cardiologist
will share all the findings with me.

For this day I know enough,
And I wish Edie a good Thanksgiving.

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10 Responses to Echocardiogram Thanksgiving

  1. Eleanor Kraner says:

    May u b blessed today and always. Ellie Kraner

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Marie Lucca says:

    Prayers, prayers and more prayers for you.

  3. Maren says:

    Thank you, Ellie — blessings for today.

  4. and pray blessings on blessings for this day and more powerful words

  5. says:

    All the colors in the tapestry are what gives it richness and depth- even the blacks and grays. Be well my friend Happy Thanksgiving I’ll return from California next Wednesday . Perhaps we can have tea… Nancy

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Maren says:

    Sounds wonderful!

  7. Dear Maren, Praying you receive information about your valvular functions that supports good health and longevity! Agape, Rev. Cleo N.P.

  8. Maren says:

    Thank you, Cleo. I do expect just that and trust god will help me if I need to respond to anything else. In the meantime — it was awesome!

  9. Nancy Hall says:

    Dear Maren,
    Greetings! I’m part of an editorial board for a journal and we’re interested in reprinting your lovely hymn text “For the Beauty” (For the joy of human form shaped to meet the inner soul . . .) Could you get in touch with to discuss this? I’d be grateful.

    Nancy Hall

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