Guest post — Francis Morrissey’s poetry

Friend and poet Francis Morrissey sent me these poems last January and I thought to myself — this is how I would like to begin when Advent comes again!


Sunlight so low it illumines
the lowest rows of paintings and photographs
that decorate our walls.

The glow of winter’s light
suffuses all surfaces
and unlit recesses.

The filaments of spider webs,
dust motes, and dried insects
all exposed in late afternoon’s grey silver’s glow.

Our thoughts journey to Bethlehem
drawn by the spirit of incarnated holy writ
older than the cosmic waves of our expanding universe.

In silence and solitude,
we light candles
in hopes of inner incandescence.

Francis Morrissey 12/21/2017

Deer Snort

Its snort shocked me
from my complacency:
vibrant, brazen, musky.

“Noli me tangere”
it seemed to say.
Its instincts: twenty-feet was close enough.

We both stood still,
unsure of what to do,
and then it withdrew, insouciant.

The shallow thoughts
of my late afternoon walk
shattered by one pungent breath.

Francis Morrissey 12/21/2017

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