Guest posting to begin Advent — Rosalie Sugrue and Bill Jones

Gifts I have received from Bill Jones include a hymn which uses all four of the Advent Sundays — Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. And from Rosalie Sugrue an antiphonal prayer to begin the season!

Prayer of Approach (read antiphonally)

Advent is here
In this liturgical season of anticipation
Free us to embrace Christmas in all its fullness
Help us enter the magic world of myth and story
With the unfettered imagination of children
Present in the moment
Living in the story
Advent is here
In this liturgical season of preparation
Free us from becoming overburdened
By the many things we have to do
Help us meet angels in our story
May angels quell our fears
As they did for Mary and Joseph
Advent is here
May angels give us safe directions
As they did for the Magi
May angels startle us to wonder
As they did for the shepherds
And may we sing from angel song-sheets

Songs of hope and peace that evoke joy
and spontaneous acts of love. Amen                           Rosalie Sugrue

“God’s Adventure” (Advent Hymn)

1. The Light of Hope is breaking in,
God’s lov-ing way to know,
our world to turn from night to day,
your lov-ing kind-ness show.

2. The Light of Peace comes pro-mis-ing
re-lease in deep-est fear,
To keep our hearts, pre-pare us live
Christ’s love, both far and near.

3. The Light of Joy is tuning us
to sing our hearts in You,
In seek-ing, to draw near your word,
in an-swer-ing, ring true.

4. The Light of Love pray settle, God,
your steadfast care in us,
That least and poorest in You may join
in your feast, wise and just.

5. The Light of Christ is break-ing in,
God’s ad-vent-ure now come,
Your way a-wak-en in daily turn,
our jour-ney in You begun.

“God’s Adventure” William B. Jones, 2010/2017 (may be sung to “Jerusalem, My Happy Home”/”Land of Rest”).

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4 Responses to Guest posting to begin Advent — Rosalie Sugrue and Bill Jones

  1. Amen, Amen, ah-woman 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    Maren, tongue in cheek I am sending you this poem written this morning, for your enjoyment. It may not pass muster for your guest posts, nevertheless you came to mind to receive it. Thanks and blessings for all your care and compassion. Christine from Melbourne, Australia

    Gabriel called yesterday
    I wasn’t expecting to see him
    me being neither Mary nor Elizabeth

    His flowing garment
    swept dust off the piano lid;
    his wings brushed the chandelier
    setting the fractured light dancing

    Don, not seeing angels, watched over his ipad
    while Gabriel settled
    into the guest’s chair
    between us

    The drift of frankincense and myrrh
    shrouded me into silence
    We eyed each other over the knitting.
    Then he nodded and departed by the back door;
    and left me
    wondering where he had hidden the gold.

  3. Maren says:

    I love this Christine and I will post it! Easier usually for me to capture something if you use the email for this I think I am good with this one (the line lengths get messed up) It certainly made me laugh.

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