December 10, 2018 — prayer from “The Friendly Beasts”

Thus every beast by some glad spell, in the stable dark was glad to tell of the gift they gave Emmanuel, the gift they gave Emmanuel. “The Friendly Beasts,” 12th-century France, current English words, Robert Davis, 1920’s.
(additional appreciation – Italian crèche-maker, British professor)

Aslan, make me a creature of your peace.
When I watch monarchs rest on a flower,
let me oppose tear gas against your migrating humans.

When I watch trout sparkle, let me speak up
for clean water on reservations and cities like Flint.

When I watch a wolf cull the deer herd,
let me speak this truth –
civilian assault weapons only bring
violent, senseless death.

When I watch a beagle play, let me pray
for animals so amiable they can be tortured
for cosmetic experimentation.

When I watch … nest-building,
remind me of homeless children,
squirrel gathering — of hungry ones,
meerkat social grooming —
that there are children ashamed
of their clothes in school.

When I watch monkey tricks,
help me make a sad child laugh.

Christ who taught the beauty of birds
and told a parable about the kindness of dogs,

let me seek wisdom from creatures around me —
learning from cats to console,
from ancient turtles to slowly understand,
from dogs to love unconditionally.

for it is in shaking the chicken feed
or hanging the suet,
caring for a horse with curry comb, hoof pick,
before warming my cold fingers,
observing penguins parent
and dolphins play,

that I am renewed to work again
for justice and peace.

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