Guest post by Carol Hallman, remembering Ahmed Abu Abed

A parishioner once asked me why we even keep something like the “slaughter of the innocents” in the Bible since it is not “inspiring.” the story is told, not to condemn an old despot but to remind us to look in the mirror.

For Ahmed Abu Abed — by Carol Hallman

A child died today
4 years old
Little boy
An after-thought
In a long-standing argument
About home
And land
And freedom

His father
Was shot protesting
Last Friday
Great March of Return
Every Friday protests
To remember
The Nakba

Wednesday is the funeral
A time to mourn
This child
To let go of the hope
Of his future
The dreams of him
Growing up
And finding his place
In the world

Who mourns this
Once filled with
Who cares that one
More life was
Snuffed out by
Hatred fear violence

Rachel weeps
For her children
Crying out in sorrow
And the one
Who became incarnate
The one called
                                   Mighty God
Who walked
Among us

Well, God also weeps
As God tenderly
welcomes Ahmed

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2 Responses to Guest post by Carol Hallman, remembering Ahmed Abu Abed

  1. m scott says:

    The poem for Ahmed was so profound, but the ads at the bottom were like having motorcycles drive thru the sanctuary…

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