December 15, 2018 — “Star-child, Earth-child”




Street child, beat child, no place left to go, hurt child, used child, no one wants to know … “Star-child, Earth-child” Shirley Erena Murray

Star child, Emmanuel, you come
among all the children –

Ahmed Abu Abed, four years old,
dead this week of shrapnel
from Israeli gunfire,

a seven year old girl from Guatemala
dead of dehydration
in ICE care at the Texas border,

trafficked children,
hidden and abused children,
children killed by siblings
with hand guns left in the house,
and those siblings who grow up
broken by memory.

These are your innocents —
and we pray
that they not be forgotten
among the children of joy
the ones temporarily over-sugared
by gingerbread house frosting,
the ones who choose
a gift for the homeless shelter
before making a santa-list.

You who come among all children,
we also pray for the day to arrive
when Christmas comes
for everyone alive,
and in the memory
of all your star children. amen.

(This YouTube, sung by children, contains all the verses of this wonderful hymn-writer from Aotearoa/New Zealand, except the one that I chose which is second when we sing it in church. It gives you a sense of the music if you do not known it and so can be heard here)

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