December 22 — prayer from “Hard Candy Christmas”



Lord it’s like a hard candy Christmas
I’m barely getting through tomorrow
but still I won’t let
sorrow get me way down. “Hard Candy Christmas,” Carol Hall.

God, the Savior comes
for all the folks
who make it a hard-candy Christmas
for others —
the murder inmate who was guilty,
the “at-fault” partner in a divorce,
pushers of fentanyl, perpetrators of incest,
protectors of sexual abusers
in faith contexts,
online bullies of teenagers,

and the leaders of nations
who abandon allies
and vulnerable populations,
who build walls, encourage misogyny,
shut down governments,
unbalance the peace of the world.

God, the Savior comes
for everyone –
but the angels announce it to
the ones barely getting through

And so, Holy One, for those with a
hard-candy Christmas

and even the ones
who make it that way,
as if it were just fine and dandy –

you offer a candy cane,
always a shepherd’s crook, always hope,

and so that we don’t have to go there –
you are coming “way down.”

(For my daughter. This song from “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” was her favorite Christmas tune when she was in elementary and middle school)

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