#resipiscence2019 … Resipiscence 2019: A Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy

This will not be the last time I will encourage you to get the Resipiscence 2019: A Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy.

Hear from 45 contributors from diverse identities, theologies, and lived experiences across the US reflect on lent in a revolutionary and liberating way! For those of you who follow my posts who are not from the United States, consider listening in to a podcast or sharing this book to understand the profound anti-gospel that is racism, both imbedded and structural and voluntarily and involuntarily personal. I first became aware of it last year (which may have been its first and it moved and changed me). Lent — Resipiscence.

Curated and edited by Vahisha Hasan of Movement in Faith and Nichola Torbett of Seminary of the Street Cover artist: Heather Tolbert with From the Ashes

Ebook and Paperback are available for presale. Go here to order.

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