Emergency Responders

A man fell on the ice outside my home
this morning walking his dog
and he broke his leg.
Emergency responders came —
the police came,
the ambulance came,
his neighbor came to take home his dog,
our neighbors gathered.

On Monday in Texas,
Wednesday in Florida, and Friday in Illinois
people were killed in gun tragedies.

Last year seventy thousand Americans
died of drug overdoses.

Across the country in January a polar vortex
killed, maimed, and stranded people.

Emergency responders came.
Other people shared, prayed, offered help,
counseled, developed resources,
opened public spaces
and were glad to give money.

I have been trying to explain
to my grandchildren about emergencies –
how very special people help,
and everyone tries
to do whatever they can.

But I cannot explain to them how
taking people’s land,
destroying government programs,
causing the extinction of species,
taking away jobs,
killing desperate people,
and cheating this country of the gifts
of new Americans

is a national emergency.

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3 Responses to Emergency Responders

  1. Jacqueline Nowak says:

    Amen, Maren. Amen.

    The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Nowak Director, The Blessing Center Sent from my iPad


  2. yes its and we need peace everywhere

  3. Maren says:

    Yes, and it is so elusive and yet so simple.

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