March 15, 2019 – Anniversary of Ordination

God, who caressed my head
with the fingers of hope
at that not-elegant-but-egalitarian
pigpile of an ordination
so many years ago today,

find them, and trace a blessing thumb
across their lives today.

Then wave to me
with the hands around me now –
young people on strike from school
for the sake of your creation.

As you have waved to me —
on all my long strange journey
through the Christmases and Lents
past the forks
to different churches,

driving to hospitals and nursing homes,
marching with a candle in my hands,
getting lost, even with GPS,
on the way to …
distinctive wedding venues,

avoiding, whenever possible,
the jersey barriers
of committees and budgets,
(which keep the traffic flowing).

Too many times
the bridge washed out by tears
at some funeral when
I did not,
did not, did not,
want to be the comforter,

and, of course, I discovered
most of my detours
led where you wanted me to go.

Church of the Covenant, Boston MA where I was ordained — March 15, 1981

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8 Responses to March 15, 2019 – Anniversary of Ordination

  1. Betsy Dickinson Bates says:

    I thank God that She chose your path to the Somerville Congregational Church for all the wonderful folks there, but especially for Paul and me and our marriage by you. Betsy Bates

  2. Congratulations Maren. A ministry well lived and living still. Blessings, June

  3. Maren says:

    Thank you, June.

  4. Darla Dee Ledger says:

    Congratulations, Maren!!!
    We are grateful for you.

  5. Diane Wendorf says:

    Just noticed this…did our paths cross so long ago? I sang in the Back Bay Chorale my first year in seminary which would have been 1977…and I went to a Maundy thursday service at Church of the Covenant the following year…was my first foot washing…so moving.
    No way to tell for certain…but good possibility to ponder.

    • Maren says:

      We joined in 1977 when Don started managing the Colonial Theatre, but I was less present because of field work placements. And I was still attending Union so I would train down on Monday and get all my classes in by Wednesday evening. So possibly …

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