March 26, 2019 “I’m going on an adventure” (JRR Tolkien)

In a hole in the ground lived a hobbit,
and that is a bit like me,
not really expecting a lot of company,
fond of second breakfast,
not always ready to travel
beyond the Shire-comforts of home.

And yet, every time I come to a birthday
I realize that I must go
with whoever needs justice
and will eat my kitchen empty 
(just saying,
I’m not much of a cook),

with whoever needs me
to talk and write and petition
and protest and picket,
till daylight comes
and the trolls turn into stone,
or to see where the key fits
in the impenetrable mountain,
or to know enough
to listen to the real wizards.

Yes, every time I come to a birthday
I realize I must go
with whoever is vulnerable
to the dragons of today.

Someday I will look around
as Bilbo finally did —
on his one hundred and eleventh birthday,
and hand Frodo the ring
to carry where it next must be taken.

But, not yet. Not this year.
This year —
I’m going on an adventure!

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4 Responses to March 26, 2019 “I’m going on an adventure” (JRR Tolkien)

  1. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday, Maren, whenever that magic day turns up, scarcely unexpected, and you find your boots by the front door, your cloak on the hall stand … and off you go on your big adventure. There will always be hobbits to travel with you of varying shapes and sizes; some grumbling, some stumbling, and all open to your inspiring spirit. May you see wonders, hear heavenly music, catch the fragrance of eggs and bacon or BBQ onions, touch of velvet and return with words of wisdom. In this far off realm, I await your return to your hobbit home, with bated breath.

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you Christine, it’s the day, but hopefully not the departure — but you have certainly sent me off well!

  3. Happy Birthday, Maren, a fellow hobbit, poet, writer, minister, activist, prophet, colleague, and friend who keeps company with us all.

  4. Maren says:

    Thanks so very much, Jessica!

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