March 27, 2019 — for the Plus-ones …twos

God, I pray for those on a journey
that they did not choose —
Hagar … and also Sarah,
Leah and Rachel —
who had no vision of night stars
or angel-ladder promise,
except second hand.

but it’s not just the Hebrew stories —

It is certainly not clear that Titus,
Barnabas, Luke, Silas
(who probably was not expecting
his claim to fame to be —
baritone behind bars)

were part of the decision-making
on those roundabout
missionary junkets with
attendant corporal punishment
and shipwreck.

Bless, the companions on journeys —
those coming-along  —
children and spouses, partners,
therapists, teachers —
Guide of all roads,
chosen and unchosen,

but especially for those whose
is the emotional toll road
of survivors,
of gun tragedy, rape,
accident, homicide, war,

weave a net of safety
from the fingers of those near,
shape a compass
in a community of care
that returns all the wandering
to your heart.

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