Justice Call to Worship for Palm Sunday, 2019 — Guest Post by Stephen Price

Stephen Price wrote this Call to Worship for Palm Sunday last year … and I asked him whether I could post it this year for others to use — feeling free to choose the lines that most meet a local situation and to add others that may have come to heart this past year as long as they sustain the integrity of Stephen’s creation.


This happened. Jesus entered Jerusalem this way.
But it isn’t just a one time thing.
Jesus still comes in the middle of our world and our distress and we still cry out

Hosanna, Save Us

When the ordered world and it’s institutions fail us

Hosanna, Save Us

When our trust in power, violence, and military might turns on us
and becomes oppressive

Hosanna, Save Us

When we are trapped in behaviors that pull us away
from relationship with God and each other,

Hosanna, Save Us

When the harms done to us through racism, sexism, or victimization
become open wounds in our lives,
destroying our trust and making us hate ourselves

Hosanna, Save Us

When society itself becomes an enslaving trap
from which we are afraid we cannot escape

Hosanna, Save Us

From gun violence in our schools and on our streets
that kills our children and makes targets of people of color
and those who are marginalized by our society

Hosanna, Save Us

From leaders who lack courage,
or who have sold out for money and power

Hosanna, Save Us

From everything that is life destroying,
O God, and separates us from You

Hosanna, Save Us

No wonder they told Jesus to shut His people up.
This is language that changes the world.

And it changes the world because God hears our cry.
God gives God’s own Self in Jesus to do what we cannot…
and then invites us to be part of that redeeming work in the world.

But today, this Sunday, we point to the wounds, the sins,
the oppressions we see in ourselves and in the world around us and we cry out

Hosanna, Save Us.

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