Prayer from Isaiah 40: 31

God, I pray for those
who are waiting for you
with wings, sneakers or boots,

and I pray that those
in their eagle-mounting moments
be patient with
runners who feel life
is a marathon for which
they didn’t want to qualify,

and that those just trying
to put one foot in front of the other
and walk through the next day
not resent those who seem
to soar above it all.

For you renew strength
for all of us —
updraft under our feathers,
care for our weariness,
and, when we faint,
a place to sit in the shade for a while
by the side of the road,

for however we travel
and wherever we go,
even through the gravity of a black hole,
you bring us
to a sweet homecoming.

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2 Responses to Prayer from Isaiah 40: 31

  1. Jackie nowak says:

    Dear Maren, Wanted to thank you for your daily prayers. Sometimes they touch a deep need in me, and Spirit connects your words to that desire for peace, or relinquishment, or joy. God’s blessings, Jackie Nowak

    The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Nowak Director, The Blessing Center Sent from my iPhone


    • Maren says:

      Thank you, Jackie. I post daily only in Adent and Lent and your words help me continue in Lent, even when traveling, even when it seems late and my brain is functioning and I have to trust the Spirit.

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