Improv on Psalm 1 for Earth Day, 2019

Happy are those who do not ravage fossil fuels,
ignore the warming of oceans,
or scoff at the value of wild public lands,

but their delight is in care for creation,
and on climate change
they meditate day and night.

The psalmist so many years ago
likened them to trees
planted by streams of fresh water,
which yield fruit in its season,
and unfurl leaves that do not wither.

In all that they do to support youth strike
and radicalized activism, they prosper.

Those who deny global warming are not so,
but treat life like chaff
easily blown away by the wind.

Therefore, they will stand confused and asking —
Do you remember …trees?
Where is there one stream of living water?
Why is there no fruit for my mouth,
and no leaf to shade my head?

God watches the resistance
of those who fight for the earth,
but cannot keep the others
from their self-determination to perish.

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