Liquid, fragile, perishable or potentially hazardous *

I wanted to send you Jesus in the mail,
because, though he is
sweat and tears and blood
and blood to give away,
he isn’t all liquid
and there was that absolutely
incident on the sea.

And fragile? Well he broke down
when Lazarus died
and his temper snapped
over the coin-swappers and pigeon-cagers.
He would have been
just one more Bethlehem baby,
if his dad didn’t believe in dreams,
and under the ribs his side was
all too pierceable …

that he looked perishable,
but fragile or perishable
as he appeared,
he ripped right out of those grave clothes
and tucked into a little gardening
before the Emmaus roadtrip,
the fish fry breakfast on the beach.

In the end the postal authorities –
like most authorities – anytime, anywhere
handed him back to me

because I couldn’t prove
that Jesus is not potentially hazardous
to injustice and hypocrisy,
my peace of mind,
your demons
and accidental swine,
the well-laid plans of would-be disciples,
the truth of auto-Pilates,
or all the other lovelessness
we package up, we send.

* For those of you not in the United States — every time we take a package to the Post Office we are asked to respond to this question “Is there anything in here that is liquid, fragile, perishable or potentially hazardous?”

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2 Responses to Liquid, fragile, perishable or potentially hazardous *

  1. Darla Dee Ledger says:

    LOVE this! so so original!

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