Guest Post — Todd Jenkins

I am so very pleased that Todd Jenkins whose wonderful blog is Tuesdays Muse — see here — has let me share this wonderful poem that jus lit up the statement I have heard and said thousands of times in a new and remarkable way. (A quick reminder that, although I am pre-setting the two guest posts, I will be away in Greece and returning on June 16 and so I will not be able to answer any comments until I return.)


“I’ll say a little prayer
for you.” she offers,
as if there’s anything
diminutive about
sincerely opening
the divine-human portal
with the risky duos
of mind and heart,
words and silence.

As she intones
this seemingly innocuous statement,
and I see a flame
dancing in the deep pools
of her pupils,
I’m made keenly aware
that this is as far
from the political pablum
of “thoughts and prayers”
as fire is from ice.

That’s when a string
at the center
of the instrument
that is most fully me
vibrates at a pitch
that can only be described
as ethereal.

It’s when I realize
the limitless possibilities
of grace.

“You do that
and it’ll change
the whole game;”
the song
in my gut declares,
“because nothing
and no one else
will ever be the same!”

Always remember,
I’m saying little prayers
for you.

© 2019 Todd Jenkins, poem and photo

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