Guest Post — Heather Kelly

I am always grateful when Heather Kelly, from Invercargill, Aotearoa, New Zealand shares a poem with me and I can share it with you, an in doing so remind all the world of the beauty and mystery of autumn, now in the southern hemisphere shifting into winter.


Heavy, grey sky.
Trees in many colours as the last
leaves of Autumn cling on.
Overnight rain shines in droplets on
unpruned roses.
Few birds fly and no bird song
this morning.

All is still and calm;
a Sunday quiet covers and
all creation is at worship
as the drizzle falls.
(A quick reminder that, although I am pre-setting the two guest posts, I will be away in Greece beginning June 5 and returning on June 16 and so I will not be able to answer any comments until I return.)

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