Prayer for the immigration crisis (an homage to Gerard Manley Hopkins “God’s Grandeur”)

My little hand holds (and not the great world)
the small shining of shook foil

and there is no beauty that I see,
only the blankets on children detained —
alone and frightened, cold,

and without care,
without — O you grand and broken God,
toothpaste and soap,

and parents,

without justice, compassion,
but not without hope,
because that alone, hope

is never spent, but lights the western sky
as night falls
on the long walk from the south,
even if dimly, touches
with fingers a rim of east
every morning, every detention center.

Hope brought them here
to the terrible inhospitality
that smears
all this country ever thought to be.

And it is left to us and the Holy Spirit
to brood
over those who are lost,
Oscar, Valeria,
and bend the world
so that the living children
might someday be found
by bright wings.

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3 Responses to Prayer for the immigration crisis (an homage to Gerard Manley Hopkins “God’s Grandeur”)

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  2. Barrie Shepherd says:

    I “discovered” your work earlier today in an email from my pastor, friend and summer neighbor on Chebeague island, Maine, Melissa Yesua Davis. She sent out your splendidly apt reworking of “My Life Flows On.” I want to thank you for your work, also for your setting of Hopkins’ God’s Grandeur.”
    Like you, I have been playing with words for years, many decades in my case, seeking to present the Living Word in new and inviting ways. You may have seen my work from time to time in Christian Century and other places. Two weeks ago I self-published a modest chapbook circling around our current crisis called A Pandemic Portfolio and would like to send you a copy to look over (gratis, of course.) If that would interest you please send me your postal address and I’ll get one in the mail. You can reach me at again for lifting my spirit with your words.
    J. Barrie Shepherd

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