Guest Post — Yosimar Reyes

Yosimar Reyes names himself an undocuqueer poet in Los Angeles and I often am privileged to be reprint his work here. I would give just about everything in the world to have no reason to share his work except for beautiful stanzas about his Mami. 

What is our country — that poets must have “heartbreak” in their opening lines?

The most heartbreaking thing
about bearing witness
to children in cages
a drowned father and daughter
another ICE raid
another tweet

about not even providing
toothpaste or soap
is the reality
that this country
breeds citizens
with no humanity

how spiritually bankrupt
must one be
to ignore
to sit there and say, “they should have done it the legal way”

May the ghosts of our people come back like a storm
a heavy wind
an earthquake
and fall upon the homes
of those with venom on their lips

may the ghosts of our people
remind them who God really is

you can’t stop us
because we do not die in vain

a storm is coming
you can’t hide from the rain

Yosimar Reyes.

Yosimar is on a roll … a sad deep thunder … this poem I have just added and it gives you just a little more of his life.

I have no interest
in reminding you of your humanity
no interest in showing images
of our suffering
for you to believe

We have already lost too much

Since the day I arrived in 1991
on my Grandfather’s back

you received us with hostility
saw prey in us
try to devour us

and the source of your anger
might be that you didn’t succeed

You who choose willful ignorance
do not deserve
the tears I shed

You do not deserve to witness
my pain

You who thinks laws are above morality
will not hear my voice tremble at the presence
of your authority

I stand firm
with the spirit of grandfather next to me

I stand firm
because I already lost too much

Yosimar Reyes

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