Why I was turned down for the DAR

(Having a hard time with the 4th this year suite
poem 1 — sometimes I just know there will be more)

I only asked as a joke, you know —
but it was true.
Though most of my ancestors came here
many years after that war,
there was the one …

Daniel Schneider was a Hessian,
press-ganged, then hired out
by the prince to the British army
for his own enrichment.
He fought in German uniform,
(none of that bright red
with a white target on it).
under a German flag,
and was captured in the battle of Trenton,
held in a prison camp in Lancaster,
stayed after the war
for freedom
and, well, he fell in love.

So surely I am
a daughter of the american revolution —
but they did turn down my request

in order to prove
that one of the founding principles
was going to be intolerance.

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2 Responses to Why I was turned down for the DAR

  1. Jessica McArdle says:

    After reading your posting this morning, I came across this poem written by Carol Bialock and immediately thought of you:
    “Does the heart have a narrow door? Will it allow in just one more of every beast and flower and bird and every song it has ever heard?
    Just one more child, only one more flower, one more relinquishing of power to that sane and sacred foolishness of living by inclusiveness?”

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