Prayer with Omar

Omar has asked for our prayers.

My friend has visited him
in the Adelanto Detention Center,
where he waits,
a gay man from Senegal
seeking asylum in this country.

They laughed and cried
and they prayed together.

His next hearing is July 11
and he asks for us to pray for him,

but I find myself praying for America.
Holy One, may this country
be so fortunate
to accept the gifts of Omar
offered to us — a blessing in our midst.

Open our arms to receive
the bounty that comes to us freely
amazingly and in spite of

all our violent ingratitude.

May we have a wisdom of reception,
and humility
that we, unworthy, are chosen
as a refuge for many,
and for such great treasure.

(for Larry W. Trent)

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2 Responses to Prayer with Omar

  1. John Pannell says:

    Maren, I feel like I’m coming to know you through the postings you make on here. I don’t always like or comment as your posts are complete in your emails. Thank you for this very powerful prayer. I shall pray it for all those beautiful people in indefinite detention here in the UK.

    • Maren says:

      Thank you so much John for those prayers. We are so appalled here by the behavior of the US government that we often forget that unfortunately we are not the only place of inhospitality.

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