Prayer for those facing Hurricane Barry

God, who is with us in the whirlwind —
with us and caring for us —
we hear that the danger
is less in the winds of landfall,
than in the rain,
the unremitting rains
of the days to come
that soak and flood and sweep away
so much that is treasured —
that take the very garden flowers
and the doors beside them.

We ask for human care and guidance
wisdom in departure,
the help of neighbors.

But we also know that the danger
is in the fear,

memories of the past,
all the precious sweetness
of the rebuilding,
and the constant awareness
of how tentative is safety.

Be in the heart of the Gulf,
under courage which has been proven,
and spirit that will not be shaken.
Be the community of hope
for living
through every storm that comes. amen

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5 Responses to Prayer for those facing Hurricane Barry

  1. I am so worried about that part of the world right now. We know the devastation too much water can cause there, as we saw with Katrina.

  2. Nancy Kach says:

    Besutiful, Maren. So sensitive. Your words apply to so much more than the storm facing the Gulf Coast.

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