Morning Prayer for the day of ICE Raids

Morning is breaking like a last morning;
children are weeping, families are lost.
Battered by threats and frightened by warnings
immigrant neighbors lifting the cross.

For Miami families we pray.

For Baltimore residents who are contributing
to the community, we pray.

For Denver — mile high
and welcome wide, we pray.

For New York City, we pray,
that yesterday suffered
a power outage
and today — an outage of the heart.

For Chicago, we pray — strong
because always
a mixer of peoples.

For Los Angeles that needs
its many namesake angels to shelter
the terrified, we pray.

For San Francisco, we pray,
that bold protests,
and sanctuary churches
make a difference.

For Houston immigrants
living so close to detention centers
they know what they are like, we pray.

For Atlanta and its children,
its children, its children, we pray.

For New Orleans, we pray,
because the immigration raids wait
until the storm passes,
so it can be flooded by tears.


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6 Responses to Morning Prayer for the day of ICE Raids

  1. Betsy Bates says:

    Dear Maren–Where is the hope? Betsy Bates

    • Maren says:

      Betsy, the hope is that neighbors care for neighbors, immigrants learn their right not to open the door, local police forces all over the countries are refusing to carry out ICE warrants or check on status in the course of regular policing, immigration courts will speed their process — half the people who are illegal are waiting for a court date — and a change of heart.

  2. You have made me weep this morning, my friend. What a contemplative prophet you are. Blessings be upon you. Somehow, may grace and mercy cover our nation.

  3. rezrevres says:

    Thank you, Maren, for speaking out clearly and honestly, with the genuine power of compassion. These ICE raids may be happening in the United States at the moment, but this is a virus that will mutate, and then manifest anew in the most unlikely reaches of our globe. We must all stand vigilant to resist and then irradicate this parasitic disease, that seeks to inhabit human hearts and destroy compassion.

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