A really bad pun (Christmas in July)

It’s Christmas in July at our church
and we hear the old stories
and sing the carols
without all the seasonal accumulation
of gifts and tinsel and loneliness.

It’s a heat wave
and we are channeling Australian Christmas,

but anyway, I’m trying to explain
the incarnation
and people are sweating
so maybe it is unnecessary.

They see the god-bump
on the young woman
and how willing to become a refugee
is her broken-hearted fiancé,

the dirty rural migrants
listening to corridos
of Norteño bands in the sky,
wizards who don’t know herod from hogwarts,

and to finish off
the list of unlikely companions —
one grouchy, tired, so no-vacancy
who sends Mary and Joseph
out back to the stable
then deals with the paying customers
who complain some great big star
is shining in their windows
and they can’t sleep —
so why doesn’t he turn it off?

And no one ever
has been able to turn it off.

But then I understand —
somewhere between “O little town”
and “hark the herald” —
that the in-carnation,
in spite of a long heritage
of theological self-indulgence

means God is willing
to be in everyone’s button hole.

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5 Responses to A really bad pun (Christmas in July)

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    New Hampshire even got a weather mention on NZ TV news last night! You may like to check out the Australian carol ‘The North wind is tossing the leaves’ easily found on google and youtube. But if you want to prolong a summer Advent NZ has a whole book of summer carols called ‘Carol our Christmas’ (…our upside down Christmas)

    • Maren says:

      A lot of NZ carols have found their way into our newer hymnbooks and are loved (not just “Star Child” a perennial favorite, but we definitely can use some more!

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  3. You always intrigue and delight me with your words. You make me ponder. You make me give thanks. You make me weep. All of it! Thank you.

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