Dark Zimbabwe — guest post

Lance and Christine Muteyo, Associate Global Servants with the International Ministries of the American Baptist Church, report that Zimbabwe is now in total darkness.

“We now get electricity from 11pm to 4am has now this has caused a lot of damage and suffering.”

Think about what it would be to work all day, rest for a couple hours, then get up to spend the night doing the things that need electricity including charging phones. Kids are studying by candlelight. The desperation of ordinary people is extreme.

To learn more about this situation read the LA Times article here

Trees of Peace Africa has started a fundraising campaign to buy solar panels for basic use. May you kindly spread the word to support our campaign. Follow link here

One of my favorite spirituals is about the shining of light

Let your little light shine, shine, shine
Let your little night shine all night long
Because someone down in the valley’s trying to get home.

It might be me or it might be you,
might be a brother or a sister, too —
but you know — someone down in the valley’s trying to get home.


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