Prayers of intercession for India and China

Psalm 137 for India

By the waters of Kerala and Karnataka,
of Maharashtra and Gujarat
of Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu,
of Goa and Andhra Pradesh,
we sit down and weep

for those who grieve their dead,
for those in relief camps
and those rescued from flooded trains,
those with submerged homes
for those cut off and without fuel.

Under the giant banyan tree
of western India, we pause
and we pray —
in these days of monsoon flooding
and with those in the south and northeast,
for Nepal, for Rohingya refugees
still trying to restore hope.

And let it be that many of us
living in other places in the world
never be too busy,
singing our own songs,
to pause, to weep and to pray.

A prayer for China (1 Kings 19)

God, you are in the still small voices
of the prayers of the world

never in the typhoon
not Leukima,
nor the eight that have come before,

never in the flooding
the broken barrier
and the landslide that followed,

but in the hands of rescuers
searching for survivors
in the rubble of damaged buildings,
seeking stranded motorists,

preparing for the typhoon’s path
to the north,
then returning to care
for those who mourn
and those who will rebuild.

God, pass by every broken heart
and speak your still small comfort.

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