My white confession

My white confession

is triggered by being norwegian,
and the truth that the mosque shooter,
looked for inspiration
to the shooters
of Christchurch and El Paso
who were tutored in the school
of white supremacy,
which is, whether I want it or not,
indelibly soaked into my culture,
and alive in me.

God, I am responsible for
the terrorism in
Baerum’s al-Noor Islamic Centre

and, in no particular order,
and surely not including all —

for Charleston and Oak Creek,
Poway and Overland Park,
Quebec City and Finbury Park,
Charlottesville and Pittsburgh,
Utøya island and Oslo,
Yorkshire and Louisville,
Portland and Trollhättan.

All the messaging boards in the world
can be taken down,
but nothing will happen
unless I become a new message.

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2 Responses to My white confession

  1. wow! Powerful beyond words

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you so very much.

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