As the rainforest burns

I listen to friends who complain
that the global response
to the fire at the big, lovely French church
was wider and easier than our anguish
at the fires in God’s sanctuary,
the Amazon rainforest.

Yes, but for me it is not that cerebral
a climate change activism,

for I have been dreaming again
my childhood terror
watching the movie, “Bambi,”

and in these dreams
I am a young creature — not knowing
where to run to get away
from the death of mother earth —

away from the commercialism
of deforestation,
the bickering of politicians —
their antlers raised in pride —
the approach to the tipping point
for choking the world,
the loss of indigenous lands,
the undoing of the rainfall cycle
the heating of all things,
changing ice sheets of the north
the fish in my harbor,
firescapes of California, the Midwest.

Such are my fears —
for the children and grandchildren
who are everywhere born dear
to become friends
with “thumpers” and “flowers,”
across cultures in peace,

and to flee Man’s guns
and the burning of the world.

And it is my challenge, too —
for every story has older ones who risk
guiding us all to rivers of safety.

(Time magazine voted “Bambi” one of the “Top 25 Horror films of all time” in 2008. “Man” is the book and movie’s designation of the human threat to plant and animal life Photo is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1924 and 1963 and although there may or may not have been a copyright notice, the copyright was not renewed.)

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7 Responses to As the rainforest burns

  1. ahuntca says:

    thank you, after years and years, decades and decades, of journaling dreams, I have not been dreaming during the reign of 45. But of late have been tossing and turning with vigor and awaking with my sheets and comforter in great disarray and even the fitted sheet, not as tight as it was when new, is pulled up from the corners. Suggests to me that I too am having similar dreams. Thank you for putting words to this. Blessings!

  2. Thank you, Maren. The forest fire in Bambi still terrifies me – and now, so do the fires in the Amazon.

  3. LL says:

    That this fire was an intentional result of wanting more land for crops makes my heart hurt.

  4. Maren says:

    And that is is an intentional and annual destruction! is terrifying.

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