A DAY IN THE LIFE (of a pastor) — guest post

This is as true a telling of the pastor’s life as I have ever read. The author asks for it to be anonymous because of the possibility of identifying people.


There’s a woman lying in the bed
her one good eye turned to focus on me
she wonders why she is still here.
Her mind is clear, but her body has failed her.
The nursing home staff
don’t get her into her wheelchair
as often as they should.
She lays there and stares
at the screen on the digital picture frame
one of her sons has put on the wall by her bed.
Her 97 years flashing before her eyes.

Down the road
Another nursing home
A woman who used to great me every Sunday
until the Sunday she said, “I don’t know who you are”
She slips in and out of remembering me now
As she shows me her room and the garden out in the courtyard.

I work on my sermon
Jacob going home to face Esau
Jumped in the night by a God who will not give up on this grasping cheat of a man
fighting him to a standstill before blessing him with the truth of who he is
and sending him off to face his brother

The old man sits on the edge of the chaise that serves as his bed
His knee wrapped tight, leaning on his cane
He speaks of Ghana, his home, and whether he will go back
He speaks of the biopsy on his knee
and his fear of cancer, his prayer that if it is malignant, it has not spread.
He promises to call me after his doctor’s appointment later in the week.

I text with my evening appointment
A doctor from a war torn nation who has adopted me as family
She fights her PTSD and her depression
as she prepares to take the test that will allow her to Intern in this country
and share her skills and wisdom here.
Sometimes the PTSD makes her rage; her emotions raw as scraped skin
Other times her wisdom leaves me silent in awe
Always her courage leaves me speechless.

And Jacob said to Esau, “In seeing you I have seen the face of God.”

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