Guest post — Christine MacDowall from Australia

I rarely receive such lovely gifts as I received today from Christine MacDowall. A gift about how we receive gifts. Here is her poem. (Remember, ah, that it is spring in Australia) 

Spring gifts, done and undone.

Every now and then
a neat brown paper carrier is left at the Op Shop
‘For Christine’ – knitted strips, squares and assorted leftover yarn.

The knitting blazes in the spring sunlight as I tumble it onto the table
Beautiful tension, generous vitality, lavish colours
make for a lively bounce in the heft of each long gorgeous strip.

Pattern emerges through caressing each piece – for a knee rug or a shawl
So, I begin – squares are sewn to strips
Long strips are crocheted to long strips
I love to knit a wide border on each side with remaining colours
and finish with the extravagance of a final row of crocheting.

This is all I know – that somewhere a woman buys fabulous yarn
For her mother in residential care
Mother knits to her peaceful heart’s content and then she is done.
Daughter gives the pieces to the Op Shop and then she is done.

I will take the knitting back to the Op Shop to be sold
But for a little while I sit, with a beautiful shawl around my shoulders,
and I am undone.

Op Shop is Oz for Charity or Thrift Store! (Opportunity Shop)

Remember that I would love to receive your gifts of poetry, story, liturgy at the parallel email 

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