Like an ambulance on hope street

Susie Webster-Toleno offered this prompt — Like an ambulance on hope street –and here is what came back for me:

Like the old dog struggling
to stand up and greet me,
hips uncooperative,
but tail thumping like a high school band
when I put my key in the door,

like the smile of the friend
who returns each day
with a new and wonderful story —
of a picture drawn, a game played,
seeds planted, a short walk
with her beloved
in the memory loss unit,

like the carefully drawn sign
with a life-like whale at the bottom,
of the teenager at the Climate Strike —
“If you were doing your job,
I would be in school,”

like the sidewalk broom-busyness
of the woman from Guatemala,
whose small house
sits where pavement meets gravel
on the way to the public works,

like ice cream cones
the coach purchases with pride
for small soccer players
yet to win a game this season,

like the SOS recovery center
meeting every addict with shining love,
like an ambulance on hope street,
and for many people I know and love

like just getting up in the morning
and going on —

is praying
for serenity, courage and wisdom,
but saying — amen —
in spite of everything.

(this is my “Monday post” come early since I will be away — thanks to Susie)

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