Advice, well, especially for clergy … but for others as well Luke 16: 19-31

In the second scene —
the one with the one percenter
pleading with Abraham —
not a really good choice for mercy, that,

(but it does follow a lifetime
of not-good choices
when it comes to heaven).

I would have gone for Jonah, Aaron,
or maybe Leah,
someone who seemed to have everything
except what she wanted.

But, anyway, this one percenter
of any gender hopes to rescue siblings,
but denial is swift —

“they have the prophets,
and they should listen to them.”

That’s where we come in
and receive a hidden commission
in the middle of a story
about compassionate dogs,
the uncaring privileged few,
the disparity of human situations —

go, be a prophet,
be persuasive enough to change
the hardest heart —

after all, you know how —
(look at your own echocardiogram)

at least tell them someone is coming
who loves everyone
and is raised from the dead.

Rich Man in Hell and the Poor Lazarus in Abraham’s Lap, 1517
Artist: Hans Schäufelein Art in the Christian Tradition

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3 Responses to Advice, well, especially for clergy … but for others as well Luke 16: 19-31

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  2. You’ve given us a challenge there, my friend.

  3. Maren says:

    Also a challenge to myself.

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