Prayer for the California Fires

A woman comes to me crying
during coffee hour after church —
“Do you remember my daughter
got married in California five weeks ago?”

“Of course, I do.”

She shows me a photograph
of blazing fire — “This, this is where
they was married. It’s gone.
It’s gone —
a place where so many people
were happy.”

God of living water
and the dying down of wind,
we come again this year,
to a terrible wildfire time,
and pray for so many
whose precious places are gone —
homes and businesses,
and many places people remember
just because
they were happy.

We pray for people evacuated
and those who shelter them,
for many whose power
has been cut off to prevent sparks,
and those who cannot go outside
because of unbreathable air,
for hospital patients already moved,
residents in nursing homes,
filled with fear,
and children with school cancelled,
and life disrupted.

And for the many brave people
who travel to fight these fires —
we pray for a shadrach-blessing —
a sense that you go with them
into every danger —
and a reward of gratitude
for the saving of many places —

where people will be happy again,
tomorrow and tomorrow. amen.

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5 Responses to Prayer for the California Fires

  1. Amen- powerful and I’m standing in agreement with these prayers…

  2. Thank you, Maren. Poignant and beautiful!

  3. My Lord have mercy!
    Please park and pray at 1:11 pm in spirit with us.
    Simply pray “Lord have mercy!”
    Thank you Maren for shining the Light on L.A.

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