Psalm 13 for Yemen

How long, O God?
Will the world forget and ignore their suffering?

How long will civilians be bombed
and the United States supply and collude in it?

How long shall three million people
be driven from their homes
and internal displacement
bring death from hunger and disease?

How long shall twenty-two million starve,
as the world ignores it because it is not new news?

Consider and answer me, O my Holy God,
Give words to my mouth, my hands,
for even the writers of prayers
forget your children’s tragedy.

We sleep till the latest newsfeed flashes
across our screens,
while they sleep in death,
and the Saudis say, ‘we have prevailed’
for all the world has forgotten your children.

World Kindness Day has passed
but the children of Yemen weep and die,
and we pray to you, O God,
for a new bounty in compassion.

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