Transgender Day of Remembrance

God, we mourn today
your image broken —
shattered, violated, desecrated
in the deaths of
three hundred and thirty-one
beloved, blessed, beautiful
transgender children,

knit as yours before their birth
called forth like Lazarus,
born again like Nicodemus,
witness to all others
that you bless a new creation.

We remember and we weep
at the loss of their gifts,
and that their courage, hope,
and faithfulness to what you put
within their hearts,
is no longer among us.

We grieve as well death-dealing
in ongoing threats
to safety and well-being,
not only by individual bullies,
but by legitimated authorities,
that in this terrible year
have succeeded in stripping
human rights, hopes,
protection from verbal abuse
and physical assault,
equality in homes and jobs,
education, health insurance,
and asylum claims.

And we ask for your strength
to speak out, reach out,
pray out, march out,
and live out — your love
in the face of the violence
of words and definitions,
and the hatred that follows.

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3 Responses to Transgender Day of Remembrance

  1. Powerful, outstanding Amen &Amen

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