According to Plan

A better thought than this? Nope. Todd surely spoke to me today.


DA432152-5EE4-4D40-A67E-2541F5C51468_1_201_aPhoto by Jennie Roberts Jenkins

I just got back
from a visit
to tomorrow.

There’s good news
and bad news.

The bad news:
things won’t go according
to your expectations or plans.

Some of what you wanted
and planned to do,
you can’t.

You’ll have to do some things
you never imagined;
and most of it will be less glamorous
than you dreamed.

The good news:
if you do what needs
to be done for those you love,
or even and especially
for a stranger,
you’ll be spending
a day called today,
in a life called your own,
doing something helpful
for someone else;

and isn’t that more valuable
than having things go
according to plan?

© 2019 Todd Jenkins

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2 Responses to According to Plan

  1. yes it is, love this ,made me smile 🙂

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