Saturday, December 14, 2019 — Places of Peace — Donna Knutson, guest post

In the conclusion of this second week of Advent when I let the Candle of Peace on the Advent wreath lead me into prayers for places of peace — places where we have found peace and places that need peace — I turn to Donna Knutson for a guest poet. She has been creating Sanctuary, a Place for All, for as long as I have known her and this place where I have not yet gone and her words have been a blessing for me. I asked her to write this prayer and she graciously accepted (even while installing carpet). First is her description of Sanctuary and following the prayer are some photographs.

Sanctuary began because of a call into ministry a few years ago and a vision of a place to gather for people of all faiths. But, the land needed to appear and I needed to be ordained. And timing is of the Holy Spirit.

Eventually, each of those happened in somewhat of an unorderly manner and eventually the threads of clarity began to form and in August of 2018 I stepped on the land and an energy took over and held the dream. The remodel of an old 1935 house began on two acreas of land out in the country in Nebraska. It has now been sixteen months of physically creating inside and out and using my landscaping background, my training as a Spiritual Direction and my adoration for the ministry of All

I believe that Spirit is speaking all the time and we just need to help ourselves and others have a place of beauty, hope and rest in order to receive those messages.

Oh Most Holy God

You place within our hearts a message of peace
A passion for harmony, beauty and majesty

A vision of wild things
A cure
A clever idea.
An ever passionate dream for how to heal a heart
And how to free a worried planet.

Intentions and motivations that bring us into union with Your will
Using our gifts and talents, our physical strength , our spiritual insight.

And then you ask us the question?
Who will create Sanctuary for me?

Roots speaking to wiser roots
To newborn starter plants

To friends gathering for sacred ceremony in a home that has been guided
Invented and manifested through Your voice of reason and compassion.

And who will listen?
Who will place the stones along the path of the labyrinth?
Who will bow at every turn and every request?

Bury woodland plants along an acreage of moss and weed
That drives one deeper into the woods.
Deeper into conscious rising?
Further into the glory and the peace that passes all understanding.

Asking us to co-create with you.
To be disciplined to the sound of Your voice.
The pressing of your commands and your wider views
Onto our hearts.

Who will create an orchard?
Make a pie from apples pulled form the trees?
Put quilts on beds
Paint shelves for libraries of All faith, no faith.
Books to journal stories of freeing the pain,
Of admitting the wrong,
Of hoping, believing, borrowing from other faiths

Of marrying the land to the bone and flesh of humans who follow but One Great Love.

Who will hope for the new Eden
The birth of the Christ within
A kaleidoscope of faiths, colored cloth, candles lit?

A Call to believe this is the time, the place and the people

Sanctuary- A Home for All

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4 Responses to Saturday, December 14, 2019 — Places of Peace — Donna Knutson, guest post

  1. Masha says:

    Beautiful. I felt sanctuary just reading these words. Thank you ❤

  2. Rev. Carolyn J. White says:

    As you know Donna, I love everything you write. It speaks to me very clearly. Love it and love you. Wish we had a longer time together at seminary.

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