How does this Silent Night change your life? Incarnations of Love Guest Post — Carol Hallman





My many thanks to Carol Hallman for the gift of this poem which needs to be my December 24 prayer  — Incarnations of Love in the animals, in the song, in the prophecy and the reality of birth.

Silent Night, Holy Night
Silent? I wonder
The sounds of farm animals
As their ordered lives
Interrupted by
The cries of a mother
Giving birth
The deep calm tones
Of the father
(or were they panicked!)
The cry of the baby born
Echoing in the night

What was the cow
Thinking as her
Trough was repurposed
As a bed for a baby

Or the donkey who
Had carried the mother
What did he think
Of all this

This interruption
Into their ordered
The chickens, goats,
Mice and the doves
Up high
Did they know
Silent Night, Holy Night

Interrupted by
Rough worn
Shepherds stamping
Off the cold and dirt
As they entered
Kneeling to the baby
Sheep bleating
At their side

In the fields
The night split
Into light
And song
Angels’ words
Of ancient promises
I wonder
What Mary
Thought as she
Pondered all
In her heart

I wonder
What she knew
Was she
Even now
Grieving what
Was yet to come

For joy and sorrow
Kissed and dwelt
On that
Silent Night, Holy Night

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