Elijah’s prayer for January 8, 2020

God, today I pray Elijah’s prayer.

I affirm that you are not in the fire —
not in Australia, not in a city apartment,
but you are with those who flee
and those who rescue.
You are not in the earthquake —
not in Puerto Rico,
not in the tremors of a damaged family,
but you are with those who respond
to old damage and new brokenness,
You are not in the winds of war —
not in drones or missiles flying,
not in the words of threat,
but you are with diplomats
and peacemakers.

I am grateful that I met you
caring for the grumpy prophet,
sending birds to feed him,
those whose falling you hold in your heart,

and I pray for those who grieve
the falling of many
in the chaos and crowds
in the funeral procession
in Kerman, Iran,
and those from seven countries,
who grieve those fallen
in the air tragedy of Flight 752.

May each hear your love
in a holy silence, in a still small voice,
and in the prayers of the world.

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5 Responses to Elijah’s prayer for January 8, 2020

  1. beegood1 says:


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  2. Jessica McArdle says:

    Thank you, Maren. Seeking to harken to that small, still voice…

  3. Oh, Maren, this is so powerfully poignant. It touched me so deeply, and I marvel at the way words come from your soul to the page. I am humbled today and so blessed by your writing. Thank you for every post, every thought, every invitation to silence.

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