Prayer for Puerto Rico

God, for the beauty of Puerto Rico,
for the whispers of taíno heritage,
for dawn over water,
for mountains and shores
for the royal poinciana on the hills,
the song of the coqui,
the orchids and parrots, we give thanks.

For gifts to the world —
for music, storytelling, dance,
for poets and architects,
for playwrights, artists, athletes,
musicians and singers,
diplomats, human rights activists,
inventors, engineers, we give thanks.

For courage in spite of neglect,
after hurricane Maria,
for the resilience of people
during power failures
and the failure of people in power
to offer assistance,
for continued sharing and generosity,
for spirit that stays alive
month after month of waiting,
for reaching out
to help one another and offer hope
in the earthquakes of this week,
we give thanks.

And from our gratitude,
not our pity at news footage
of devastations,
but from our amazement
at courage, strength, perseverance —
we pray with our hearts,
and also with our open hands.


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