Prayer for Wuhan

God, for the people of Wuhan
and Huanggang, Ezhou, Chibi, Zhijiang —
we pray — for those sick
and those grieving the loss
of precious elders,
for their fear in a time
of forced quarantine,
and the danger
of being unable to escape,
to find food, to see family.

We pray for medical personnel
risking their own health
caring for patients
or scrambling for a response
to this coronavirus
and we pray for officials
all over the world weighing
strategies for travel.

And we pray for every parent
telling a child
and every child who will remember
being told — not this year,
the year of the white metal rat,
the fun and the food
of the new year holiday,
not this year a visit
to the home of grandparents,
not this year a walk
into the air without a mask.


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