Prayer for the Iowa Caucus

God of complicated galaxies,
intricate snowflakes,
the sweet definition
of every infant’s fingerprint,
give wisdom to the shifting grace,
of the Iowa caucus —

to words of neighbor and stranger,
first alignment and final one,
and a deep sense of community
across so many precincts
and new satellites.

Most of all, touch the hearts
of the quiet and the talkative,
of those who walk
and those who roll wheelchairs
to take a stand
choosing a new leader —

who will care for all people,
especially the vulnerable
and the marginalized,
who will protect creation
that sustains us and will nurture
children yet unborn,
and who will speak truth,
collaborate willingly,
and support civil discourse.

For we pray that the Iowa caucus,
the New Hampshire primary,
Super Tuesday,
and even the Convention to come
will require this country’s new leader —

to do justice, love kindness
and walk … or even roll, humbly
among all the peoples of the world.

(for Barb Stanerson and with love for my birth state of Iowa and thinking ahead to my current home in New Hampshire)

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3 Responses to Prayer for the Iowa Caucus

  1. Jessica McArdle says:

    Joining with others in saying, Amen.

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