On praying for the New Hampshire primary

Unlike some people at different places
from me on the Christian spectrum,
I don’t think the bible
says anything about voting,

but the story I remember best
as I sit in New Hampshire tonight

is the one about replacing Judas
on the board of disciples.
The choice was Joseph called Barsabbas,
who was also known as Justus,
or Matthias. Either one
would have been acceptable,
though they had different platforms.

And the lot went to Matthias
(possibly because the name was simpler).

I pray that people vote
and take their part, however confused,
in caregiving
for the future of the nation,
and especially protecting those
most marginalized.

I pray that these extroverts,
the candidates,
every one of them with good ideas,
spend much less energy
attacking the others.

And I pray that this state
ill equipped to represent the nation —
too small, too white, too aging —
simply pick up
this responsibility —

and do its best.

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7 Responses to On praying for the New Hampshire primary

  1. Jessica McArdle says:

    I appreciate your comparison of the replacement process on the board of the disciples. Yes, either one was acceptable. With prayers for the NH primary.

  2. crugerj says:

    As the White House plans to eliminate protection for waters around our country, we need to remember Flint Michigan. Do we want tainted water? Whoever ends up being the Democratic nominee for president will need all the candidates complete support. This is so beyond a specific who.

  3. Thank you Maren for this thoughtful prayer.

  4. leauetlapluie says:

    I pray, you pry, he prays, we pray,… but whère a

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